Maintenance & Repair
Industrial components are often subjected to destructive environments involving friction, erosion, high temperature and corrosion. These frequently occur in combination with each other. At some point the part must be replaced or overhauled. By applying thermal sprayed coatings the components can be quickly restored to original dimensions often with better mechanical or physical properties than the original.

Benefits of thermal sprayed coatings in the Maintenance & Repair industry:

  • Compared to purchasing a new component, thermal spray coating is generally more economical (price and lifespan).
  • Enhanced properties (wear, thermal, corrosion resistance) can be “added” to parts making them better than original
  • A worn-out product becomes a high-quality and valuable component once again.
  • Often the lead-times are much shorter than obtaining a new part.
  • The thermal spray process does not affect the characteristics of the base material, compared to most competitive overlay techniques.

Component repair

Due to rising raw material prices and manufacturing costs, dimensional restoration by thermal spray coating can be a very cost effective solution when faced with the need to replace worn machine parts, mis-machined or damaged components. There are several options available to use, whether by HVOF, Plasma or Flame Spray processing; EPC engineers are ready to help or advise.

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