The EPC team firmly believes in providing extra value for customers at every turn, and we know from experience how hazardous thermal spray processes can be. That’s why we offer valuable demonstrations and thermal spray training courses for customers to increase productivity, efficiency, and operator safety during these processes. Our courses can be tailored to meet your unique needs, combining theoretical content with practical hands-on training using your own workspace systems or demonstration equipment in our offices.

In order to produce high-quality thermal spray coatings as efficiently as possible, you need highly qualified operators. This is where EPC’s training courses come into play.

Our courses give you and your staff the tools and knowledge to expertly run various thermal spray processes. On our courses, your staff will learn how to operate thermal spray equipment in the safest, most efficient way possible. This vital training will not only increase overall productivity and efficiency, but can also reduce injuries, equipment breakdowns, waste, and material usage. Ultimately, by investing in our training courses, you can save your business huge amounts of time and money in the long run.

Our demonstration and training services include:

  • Application development and engineering
  • Equipment training programs
  • HVOF spray process, tips, and tricks
  • General introduction to thermal spraying
  • Metallography (understanding coating properties)
  • Plasma spray process, tips, and tricks
  • Powder manufacturing, morphology, and sprayability
  • Thermal spray equipment gun maintenance
  • Thermal spray equipment powder feeder maintenance

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