Metallography is the microscopic study of the physical structure and components of metals, and EPC’s metallography lab services can really help clients to fully understand the unique properties of thermal spray coatings through detailed microstructural analysis.

Thermal spray coatings are made of various materials with different degrees of general microstructural properties, hardness, and bond strengths. At EPC, we support your thermal spray operations by offering useful scientific insights on these properties, and our metallography services can also inspire the creation of new coatings that are ideally suited for use in a wide range of industries. We have the experience, knowledge and resources available to provide you with full support in finding solutions that meet your specific requirement and solve a variety of issues, including abradability, thermal and electrical conductivity and insulation, and resistance to abrasion, erosion, cavitation, chemical attacks, fretting, galling, oxidation, and sulfidation.

Our comprehensive metallography services include:

  • Depth compositions (3D viewing) and image stitching
  • EN ISO 4490 hall flow
  • EN ISO 3923 apparent density
  • Gravimetric measurements (accuracy to 0.0001g)
  • Hardness tester (Vickers and Rockwell)
  • Microhardness Vickers (calibrated for 0.2, 0.3, 0.5)
  • Microstructure analysis (2D porosity, thickness, dimensions, interface contamination)
  • Roughness (Ra, Rz, Rq)
  • Rubber wheel wear test (according to ASTM G65)
  • Sampling, samples preparation, polishing, or re-polishing
  • Tensile bond strength test ISO DIN 582
  • View, capture, and measure (from X20 to X2500 magnification)
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