EPC values innovation and progress. This means we are constantly pursuing new research and developing products with the help of a global community of expert engineers and skilled scientists from a range of academic institutions.

When you work with us at EPC, you also get the research advantages of working with our sister company, FST. FST is an original manufacturer and patent holder of various thermal spray technologies, such as:

  • The eGun HVOF technology
    • Innovative, sustainable
    • Enables customers to increase coating quality while at the same time reducing production costs
  • The 50 Series (Digital Series)
    • Meets industry 4.0 and internet of things (IIoT) requirements
    • Simplifies connectivity with other parts the overall production environment
    • Aims for significant increases in process efficiency and productivity
    • Runs on Horizon operation software
  • The cGun
    • Newly developed gun that uses a highly stabilized cascaded plasma technology

To find out more about EPC’s and FST’s research and development projects, get in touch with us or head over to the FST website.

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