At EPC, we offer a complete range of flexible grinding tools for the post-machining or dressing of thermal spray coatings that are difficult to grind or polish. These hard, sometimes brittle surfaces require the highest technology to meet quality and precision objectives. This is why we are proud to supply customers with the impressive KGS Diamond product line that offers ingenious technical solutions to these issues.

The KGS Diamond product line includes innovative flexible diamond tools and abrasives to grind and polish hard-coated surfaces, such as:

  • Diamond belts and diamond spiral bands for rubber drums
  • Diamond belts for stationary machines
  • Diamond belts for handheld machines
  • Diamond sheets and handpads
  • Diamond strips for superfinishing machines
  • Dry grinding and polishing discs for manual angle grinders

Superfinish Diamond Belts

Diamond Belt Grinding – Nickel Binder

Diamond Belt Grinding – Resin Binder

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