EPC is a leading supplier of premium-quality thermal spray masking tape that can withstand the intense demands of any harsh thermal spray coating process, including HVOF and plasma spraying.

The specialized adhesive used on these products ensures excellent holding power during thermal spraying operations, yet also comes off cleanly when required in order to minimize post-spray rework. Our masking tape range includes, but is not limited to:

  • HVOF tape DW 501
    • A laminate of blue silicone rubber, 4 mil aluminum, and glass fabric designed for heavy-duty operations (including gas fuel HVOF)
  • HVOF/plasma tape 900.020
    • High-temperature copper foil masking tape has been specially designed for extreme operations (such as HVOF)
  • HVOF/plasma tape DW 411
    • A heavy (4 mil) aluminum foil/glass laminate with a high-temperature silicone adhesive
  • Masking compound
    • 2-component silicone polymer compound that makes masking complicated geometrical components easy in HVOF thermal spray masking applications
  • Plasma tape DW 500
    • One-step plasma masking tape constructed of a silicone rubber/glass cloth backing coated with an aggressive high-temperature silicone adhesive

FST Greenbook-2020 – Masking section

Masking compound

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