At EPC, we believe that every business has a responsibility to look after our planet and reduce our environmental impact. As demands for engineering coatings become more and more stringent and environmental concerns feature more heavily in design processes, people are turning their attention towards efficient processes that use less resources. Thermal spraying is a popular coating technique because it offers a wide choice of materials and coating processes that have a reduced impact on the environment when compared to conventional plating processes.

As a surface engineering company, EPC provides a complete range of thermal spray coating services, including:

  • Developing innovative new application methods and materials
  • Producing high-quality coatings that meet our customers’ unique requirements
  • Manufacturing fully coated components
  • Technology transfer

We follow a customer-centered approach to business and take great pride in our excellent customer service skills when carrying out our coating services; we always aim to deliver fantastic results in a timely manner and do our utmost to support our clients however we can.

We offer our customers high-quality, carefully tailored thermal spray coatings that are proven to improve the performance and life expectancy of critical components by protecting them from aggressive environments involving heat, corrosion, and chemicals, ultimately lowering production costs.

EPC thermal spray technologies:

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