EPC offers a complete coatings service including coating development, application of coatings to customer specification, manufacture of complete coated & finished components and technology transfer.

It is well understood that the application of a thermally sprayed coating to the surface of a component can greatly increase the value of the subject part and improve performance. The added value can be in the form of extended component lifetime, greatly increased resistance to aggressive environments and lower overall production costs. EPC routinely receives customer supplied products, applies quality controlled thermal spray coatings and delivers back to the customer on time.

Many coated components can be further enhanced by additional treatments which modify the function of the thermally sprayed coatings. EPC can offer a full range of such treatments to suit our customers’ needs.

You can rely on our extensive knowledge, experience and technology to develop even the most complex of applications.

Due to rising raw material prices and manufacturing costs, dimensional restoration by thermal spray coating can be a very cost effective solution when faced with the need to replace worn machine parts, mis-machined or damaged components. There are several options available to use, whether by HVOF, Plasma or Flame Spray processing; EPC engineers are ready to help or advise.

EPC has positioned itself to not only coat free issue parts but offer the full manufacture of coated components from raw material through to production ready part.

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